Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting Ready for the 2012 Season!

Some quick notes as we get close to the 2012 season opening for the Zippin Pippin. The city of Green Bay is having a brick sale to raise money to build a new entrance to the ride with any extra funds going into a general improvement fund for the park. I received a brick for my family for a birthday present this year. For local news coverage of the story see the video below (yes I am the "roller coaster enthusiast" seen in the video) for a link to purchase your own brick go to If you rode the coaster last season and can't wait to ride it again or are anxious to get on your very first ride the opening day for Bay Beach is Saturday May 5th. I'll be out there getting my first rides of the season in! If you were able to ride last year let everyone know how many times you rode it by clicking on the poll.

Brick sale for Zippin Pippin Plaza: