Sunday, September 5, 2010

Construction Update 9/5/2010

I stopped out at the construction site today.  There is now some concrete in place along with some of the first steel straps that will anchor the wood columns to the foundation.
From Zippin Pippin Construction

It appears the first section being built is the loading/unloading section.  If I am comparing the excellent aerial photo of the original Zippin Pippin from the folks at News Plus Notes to the construction going on at the site I am fairly certain that the ride will load at the area shown to the left in this picture, the trains would be facing towards the giant slide.

Upon exiting the loading area the cars will make a quick 180° turn and head up the lift hill toward the west (coming straight towards us in the picture above).  After climbing the lift hill the cars take another 180° turn heading back toward the east and the giant slide, going down the first hill you will be facing east (toward the giant slide) you will then go up a hill and take another 180° turn so you are facing west (away from the giant slide) from there you will go down another large hill, through some smaller bunny hills (hopefully getting some good airtime) then out to the extreme western edge of the ride before turning 180° again and beginning your journey back to the loading area.

The photo below was taken looking to the west, if there was track and a train on the track the first car would be facing towards us and we would be looking at the front row.
From Zippin Pippin Construction

The next photo was taken looking east, if there was track and a train on the track the train would be facing away from us and we would be looking at the rear row.
From Zippin Pippin Construction

Some new material was also spotted on site today, several pallets of hardware, these are nuts and bolts that will hold the wooden structure together.
From Zippin Pippin Construction

Luckily there was a small break in the fence which is now nearly complete allowing me to get up close for some of these pictures.

From Zippin Pippin Construction

Knowing my access to the site would soon be restricted, I contacted the Mayor of Green Bay, Jim Schmitt who is the main force behind bringing the Zippin Pippin to Bay Beach to see if it may be possible for me to get inside the fence periodically.  Mayor Schmitt agreed to try to get me access to the site so I can continue to report on the building progress.  So hopefully I'll continue to get some good close up pictures of the various components as they are added to the structure.  Thanks Mayor Schmitt!

You can click any of the pictures above or the photo album in the upper right corner of the page to be taken to the complete on-line photo album with all of the pictures I've taken.

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