Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zippin Pippin All Over The News!

The Zippin Pippin project has been all over the news this week.

Following the groundbreaking there was an announcement of a major donation in the effort to raise $600k to help fund the construction effort.

There is also an official website set up by the city.  This website is tracking donations and includes ways individuals can donate; it appears to be a work in progress as many of the links aren't active yet but it appears people will be able to make on-line donations in the near future.  Another cool feature is kids who donate a minimum of $5 will be given the opportunity to sign their name on the tallest "bent" (an engineering term for a framework placed across a structure to stiffen it) before it is raised into place.

The city also announced t-shirts are being sold to raise funds.  I hope to have a t-shirt later today and to visit the construction site tomorrow.  I'll post pictures of the t-shirt and the latest construction photos then.

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