Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bonus Post 10/3/10

I was near Bay Beach today (10/3/10) just before the start of the Packer game and couldn't resist a quick stop to see how many more wooden supports were erected after my visit Friday (10/1/10) around noon.  The picture below was taken Friday at noon (click on the picture for a higher resolution view)...

From Zippin Pippin Construction

...and this picture was taken today (10/3/10) just before noon...

From Zippin Pippin Construction

...the number of supports went from 11 on Friday to 16 on Sunday so five supports were added Friday afternoon.

An interesting note, this is not Bay Beach's first roller coaster.  Bay Beach has actually had two roller coasters in the past, the first coaster was named the Jack Rabbit and was built in 1901.  In 1929 the Jack Rabbit was replaced with the Greyhound which was dismantled in 1936.  The original Zippin Pippin was designed and built in 1923.

According to the Roller Coaster Database web site the Bay Beach version of the Zippin Pippin will use mechanical elements and trains from the now defunct Thunder Eagle roller coaster which was dismantled in 2003.

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